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Temperature loggers are virtually the same…

All temperature loggers are virtually the same. They record the date, time and temperature. They transfer the results to a computer and you can see the results there.

The reason why we point this out is because often the choice between models is personal preference. Functionally they are very similar and if customers ask us about a particular brand we often just discuss that brand, and won’t discuss other brands. Why complicate the matter?

…but not quite

There are differences in optional features, quality and software. All temperature loggers weren’t created equal, and there may well be a better choice for your particular needs. So here are the key differences and our recommendations if they apply to you

Fully automated / wireless

If you want a fully automated system then the Abacus range is the best way to go.


External probes

If you need an external probe then go for Logtag. The LOGEXDISP has a display and the LOGEX is without a display.



If you require a display then either the Logtag or Minnow are great options. My recommendation is for Logtag if you are buying 3 or more units and Minnow if you only need one. And if you need two…Logtag for software functionality, Minnow for price.

LogTag Minnow

Incredibly small size / incredibly robust

If being really small or really robust is the key requirements, then Thermocrons win by a mile.


Long battery life

Thermocrons will last for many, many years (provided you are sampling once every couple minutes or slower.


Huge memory size

Minnow are the leaders in memory size, followed by Logtag.

LogTag Minnow

Or just select what ever you like…

LogTag Minnow Thermocron Abacus